blue/red/yellow -- 8 digit SPI seven-stage LED display


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Seven segment LED displays are brighter, attractive, and provide a far viewing distance and a wide viewing angle. However, the downside is they are resource-hungry, and therefore, their use with low pin-count microcontrollers (such as PIC12F series) is not feasible. SPI7SEGDISP8.56-1R module brings a solution to that problem. It consists of eight 0.56" seven segment LED displays and supports SPI interface for controlling the display data. It is based on MAX7219 display driver IC that allows you to drive eight seven segment LED displays (common-cathode type) using a 3-wire serial interface.


  • Operates at 5.0V power supply
  • 3-wire SPI interface (DIN, CLK, LOAD)
  • Easy interface with Arduino using LedControl library
  • Multiples modules can be cascaded
  • 16 levels of brightness control through software
  • Dual 0.56" 4-digit seven segment displays

Package list

  • 8 Digit SPI Seven Segment LED Display PCBA x1

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