Regulated DC Amplifier - LM2577


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LM2577 DC-DC Adjustable Step-up Power Converter Module. The LM2577 series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits that provide all the active functions for a step-up(buck) switching regulator, capable of driving a 3A load with excellent line and load regulation. This module uses the adjustable output version, it would facilitate your application and be your good assistant in your debugging.


  • Module Properties: Non-isolated buck Module
  • Rectification: Non-synchronous rectification
  • Input voltage: 3V-34V
  • Output voltage: 4-35V(The output voltge must be higher than the input votage)
  • Input Current: 3A (MAX)
  • Output Current: 2.5A (MAX)
  • Module size: 49 (mm) x26 (mm)
  • Input: 'IN+' input is Positive, 'IN-' type negative
  • Output: 'OUT+' output is Positive, 'OUT-' type negative

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